100 Ballongewichte Öko/ Balloon weights Eco 9,5 g neutral

  • Balloon weights made of FSC certified cardborad: sustainable and biodegradable
  • assorted colours and designs, 2-side imprinted
  • 9,5 g/diameter 10 cm with hole, for bigger balloons more weights can be combined
  • plasticfree
  • packed in carton More...

Item #: Z10040
EAN: 4250554615779
Packing Unit: 100 piece

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World novelty: Plastic-free, universally applicable balloon weights with different imprints like hearts, balloons and neutral designs, sustainable as they are made of FSC-certified cardboard. The assortment contains several colours, so that always the right colour can be used for the balloon. The weight can be used to weigh down an 18 inch foil balloon safely, even in windy conditions. For larger balloons several weights can be used. Therefore no further weights are needed.