30 Ballons Corona Tipps/ Balloons Corona Smart Practice

  • Ø 28-30 cm/11 inch
  • printed with friendly tips on how to behave with Corona
  • high-quality, multicolour screen printing on both sides
  • >TOP helium quality
  • Made in EU (Italy/Germany)
  • perfect for shop decoration, learning products or giveaways More...

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This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered. Available on 2020-05-11

We can do it! Corona has changed our everyday life. We need to internalise certain rules of behaviour to protect all of us. These balloons are a positive reminder to everyone The balloons are printed on both sides. On the 2nd side of each balloon the text " Stay healthy" is printed.

The balloons are suitable for both air and helium filling.  Whether as an educational decoration in the shop, as a learning product for children or as a give-away, the balloons are suitable for many occasions.